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Starbucks Baristas Are Sharing The Ridiculously Complicated Drinks That People Order

Some orders don't even fit on the cups.

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Starbucks Orders That Are So Complicated Shared By Baristas

If you get a very customized drink, you might not want to see this! Baristas are sharing the Starbucks orders they see at work because the extra things people want in them are so complicated.

In a now-deleted tweet, a barista posted a photo of someone's drink order that was super long. The post led other workers at the coffee chain to share the ridiculous orders they've seen.

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Even though the tweet was deleted, you can still see it on the barista's TikTok account.

In reply to the original tweet, someone posted a photo of a venti drink with an order sticker that had so many add-ins it was longer than the cup.

If you thought this only happened with mobile orders, you're mistaken. Another barista shared an order someone made "in person with a completely straight face" that had a lot of extras and add-ins.

Another barista posted a picture of a drink they said someone orders every other week. You can see the sticker of everything that's added to the drink is as long as the venti cup.

The barista whose tweet sparked this trend responded with another one they witnessed. The extra items the person wanted to add to the drink got cut off on the order sticker.

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