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alberta rcmp

Alberta RCMP are asking for any information that could lead to finding Jeffrey Dupres, who went missing 43 years ago when he was three years old.

In a news conference, Chief Superintendent Gary Graham, said police believe Dupres – who went missing from his home in the Slave Lake area on April 24, 1980 – is still alive.

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Police in Red Deer are asking for the public's help to find a mother and her four children who were reported missing on December 5, 2022.

According to a statement, a school representative contacted the police after a number of students from a Red Deer family were seen in school earlier that day, but their whereabouts had become unknown "under concerning circumstances."

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Police in Taber, Alberta spent their morning dealing with a pretty wild incident, when 20 ostriches started running loose in the street and causing mayhem.

In a statement, Taber-Vauxhall RCMP said just before 8 a.m., they'd received reports of approximately 20 ostriches running loose in the road around Highway 39 area on Thursday, November 24.

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If you've ever considered a career in law enforcement, Alberta RCMP is looking to hire police officers across the province and they're holding a career presentation this month.

Alberta RCMP is looking for police officers from all backgrounds and any potential candidates will need to be physically fit, willing to take on a challenge and passionate about making a difference wherever they're posted.

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Remains of a Lethbridge woman have been found days after she went missing, and the news has "devastated" her family.

In a statement, Coaldale RCMP said human remains were found on October 24 on Range Road 225 and Township Road 92 in Lethbridge County.

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