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don valley parkway

Up to 1,000 Hells Angels members will be rolling through Toronto for an unsanctioned event on July 21 in a memorial ride for one of their fallen members.

Toronto Police Services (TPS) Superintendent Scott Baptist of Traffic Services told reporters in a press conference on Wednesday that the Hells Angels are planning a memorial ride from Newmarket to Toronto that will "inevitably cause traffic disruption."

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Buckle up, Toronto, because some serious road closures are coming up that could put a wrench in your weekend travel plans.

All weekend long, a few of the 6ix's major roadways will shut down to make space for festivals and events that will hit the streets, according to a City news release.

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If you're planning on taking a leisurely cruise around Toronto, you might want to rethink your route, because the Don Valley Parkway is going to be shut down for annual maintenance this weekend.

The City announced that the DVP will be closed on Friday, August 6, at 11 p.m. for its yearly maintenance and improvements. This will affect the entire highway, which runs from Highway 401 to the Gardiner Expressway. It will reopen again just in time for your morning commute to work on Monday, August 9, at 5 a.m.

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Photo cred - The Star

The public safety messages you're used to seeing as you drive through the Don Valley Parkway or the Gardiner Expressway generally have the same theme: drive responsibly. The tone they have used in the past has always been pretty authoritative, but as of this fall, things have been a bit different.

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Photo cred – Grey van der Meer

Driving in Toronto absolutely sucks. During the late hours of the night it ain't so bad, but it gets pretty shitty during the daytime. The way to master the art of driving in Toronto is to have a balance between both patience and aggressiveness. While you may need to force your way through pedestrians and other drivers almost all the time, you'll also need patience to keep you sane while driving in the city.

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