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Lowry Says The Raptors Might've Played Better This Season If They Weren't So Homesick

He says he misses the small things about home, like "walking Bloor Street" and "driving the DVP."

Kyle Lowry says spending this season away from Toronto has made the Raptors homesick for the "amazing-ness of Canada."

In an interview with USA Today, Lowry says it's the small things he misses most, like going to his favourite restaurants in Toronto, "being able to drive down the Gardiner. Driving the DVP. [...] Just the normal everyday stuff of walking Bloor Street or walking down University [Avenue] and seeing fans and interacting with them."

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Toronto is currently 11th place in the Eastern Conference and Lowry partly blames the team's distance from their home arena. "I wish we were a lot better. I'd like to think things would've been a little different if we were home," he explained.

"We miss Toronto. We miss home. We miss everything about that. That part alone is difficult to deal with."

To soothe Lowry's homesickness, Destination Canada and super-fan Nav sent the players care packages full of Canadian comfort snacks like ketchup chips and Coffee Crisps.

"The small little tiny things made me smile," Lowry said. "That's what the package did for me. You get a taste of things you miss."