An Ontario tattoo shop is keeping its doors open during the province's stay-at-home order after weathering two lockdowns.

The owner of Kryptonian Ink, located in Hamilton, Ontario, told Narcity that he's is choosing to remain open, despite facing charges, to avoid ending up "in the street."

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"I followed the orders for the first two lockdowns, but a third would have put me in the street. With 3 children, I can't allow that to happen," Stephen Stacey, the owner, told Narcity. "I simply cannot afford to take care of or feed my family if I stay closed any longer."

In a statement, Stacey argued against Ford's government logic to keep big box stores open while keeping other spots shuttered.

"I do not understand the logic when Ford can allow a massage parlour and a big box store like Costco to allow 1200 capacity to stay open," he said. "But someone like myself with blood-born pathogen and cross-contamination certifications cannot be allowed to take care of just 1 person at a time?"

"Arguably some may say that tattoo services may not be deemed essential to the general 'public,' but to the thousands of people who work in this industry, it is certainly essential to them in order to help provide the livelihood for their family," Stacey added.