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The world is changing every day in so many ways, big and small. People are doing things differently across Canada, whether that’s how they watch movies (RIP Blockbuster) or what kind of vehicles they’re driving (viva la EV).

If you’ve already switched to an electric vehicle, you’re probably familiar with all its benefits, but you may not know the full potential of your four-wheel drive.

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The B.C. government just boosted the maximum rebate amount that someone can get when they buy an electric vehicle (EV) to make them more accessible options.

With the increase and existing federal incentives, people in B.C. could take home up to $9,000 when they buy an EV, so if you were on the fence, this might just be your sign to do it.

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If you have been thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle, it may be helpful to know that the Government of B.C. has a rebate program that will help you save some money.

The province says that zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) can help save the average B.C. driver between $1,800 to $2,500 per year on fuel costs.

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The Ontario government wants to give nighttime energy users a chance to save some money in 2023 by instating a new electricity plan.

On Wednesday, Todd Smith, Ontario's minister of energy, revealed that he's asked the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to provide him with options to implement a new "ultra-low overnight time-of-use electricity price plan."

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Whether you drive or not, there's a very good chance you've heard about the latest vehicle type to hit the asphalt: electric vehicles (EVs for short). They're becoming an increasingly popular choice over gas-powered cars, and it's easy to see why.

EVs don't need to be filled with gas, and they release zero tailpipe emissions when they're running — which means they actually contribute to better air quality. No gas means no fossil fuels, and that means a healthier, more sustainable planet. It doesn't hurt that they also look super sleek and modern.

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