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This New Film On Crave Was Made Using Ford Electric Vehicles & Here’s How

It's electrifying – it's the Ford F-150 Lightning!

Contributive writer
This New Film On Crave Was Made Using Electric Vehicles & Here’s How

The world is changing every day in so many ways, big and small. People are doing things differently across Canada, whether that’s how they watch movies (RIP Blockbuster) or what kind of vehicles they’re driving (viva la EV).

If you’ve already switched to an electric vehicle, you’re probably familiar with all its benefits, but you may not know the full potential of your four-wheel drive.

As one of the leaders in the electric revolution, Ford has proven the power of their vehicles in a seriously unexpected and innovative way — they made a movie.

Yup, the famous automotive company has partnered with acclaimed director Danilo Parra to create a short film powered by the automotive company's electric vehicles.

The NYC-based filmmaker directed Mushroom, and the set was powered by electricity from the vehicles. Pretty neat, right?

Courtesy of Ford

The short film, coming to Crave this fall, tells the story of a rivalry between an old forager and a young man who both come across a rare Matsutake mushroom.

If you don’t have a Crave subscription, you’ll also be able to catch the flick on YouTube the following week.

Curious about how one F-150 Lightning and two E-Transits were used to provide electricity to the set? You’ll also be able to catch a “making of” video that gives you a better idea of how it all worked.

These three vehicles powered everything from monitors and drone batteries to wind machines and fake lightning all at once.


The cables were plugged directly into the Ford electric vehicles, allowing the crew to film wherever they wanted while on location.

"It's pretty liberating, allowing us to film wherever we want," says Parra.

Ford enables the necessary freedom to have unforgettable experiences – like filming a movie – that you can live out almost anywhere.

Everyone knows the environmental and financial benefits of opting for an electric vehicle, but even beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

Level up your next road trip and see where your adventure takes you. Plug in an amp and dance to your fave tunes, set up a TV and play video games or elevate any camping trip and power up your site.

To learn more about Mushroom and these powerful electric vehicles, check out Ford's website.

Kianni Reynolds-Lewis
Contributive writer
Kianni Reynolds-Lewis is a Staff Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Edmonton, Canada.