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Fancy a road trip? Where better to go ahead of fall and Halloween than somewhere haunted?

Canada may be home to more spooky locations than you think. Every province has its share of ghost stories, whether that's creepy Grey Ladies, eerie ghost children or phantasmal soldiers. Eek!

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Do you believe in ghosts? Because Canada has so many spooky locations, from former prisons to haunted mansions, with ghostly residents and eerie histories.

If you're feeling brave, there are places where you can stay the night or stop in for a meal, although, according to local legends, you might run into a phantom or two while you're there.

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The spookiest provinces in Canada have been revealed and if you're feeling brave, there are also a few super-haunted locations you can hit up.

According to a study conducted by Casino En Ligne, which ranked provinces based on how many haunted spots they have, Ontario is the spookiest of all, with 23 haunted locations.

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Alberta has a ton of haunted places and urban legends that leave us up all night wondering if they're really true. Sometimes, the real paranormal activity is right in our own backyard. So, naturally, we are inclined to grab the Scooby gang and check it out.

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