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houses for sale in nova scotia

There are so many breathtaking houses for sale in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec that are perfect places during the fall season.

Autumn is stunning at these homes with cool lakeside mornings, chilly nights warmed by wood-burning fireplaces, and red, orange and yellow leaves falling to the ground.

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While you might think oceanfront living is out of reach given how expensive Canada's housing market can be, there are stunning homes on the water that are also affordable.

You can find so many houses for sale in Nova Scotia that are right on the ocean, with private beaches and breathtaking waters, and cost less than $700,000.

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If you've ever wanted to have an oceanfront home, there is a house for sale in Nova Scotia right on the ocean with its own beach and it costs less than $500,000!

Also, it's on an island — Morris Island to be exact — which is part of the province's southwestern coast and less than 30 minutes away from Yarmouth.

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You can find this house for sale in Nova Scotia that looks like it's from Cape Cod and has a boardwalk to the water listed for less than $500,000 right now!

It's located in Sluice Point, which is on the province's west coast, and is secluded on a stunning ocean bay.

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There is a house for sale in Nova Scotia that's on the water and it will transport you to a different destination because it's a South Carolina-style beach home.

Located on Heckman's Island, near the town of Lunenburg, this oceanfront house is 5,100 square feet and on just over seven acres of land — which includes a private beach!

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