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While local visits or BFF road trips might keep your urge to travel at bay on most days, if you can't help but daydream about faraway lands every waking hour only for foreign scenery to fill your head at night, your wanderlust and you might be overdue for a much bigger trip to international destinations.

If you've already been bitten by the travel bug, you've probably seen amazing landscapes and monuments in your lifetime. However, there are so many underrated places in the world that most millennials have never even heard of and probably never will, despite their dazzling beauty and astonishing history.

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If you grew up in Canada, you know the struggle was all too real when it came to an exciting new toy or snack being released in the U.S. only.

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Before taking an epic road trip through the Canadian mountains, an American turned to the B.C. Reddit page for some advice about where to go and what places to avoid at all costs.

The Redditor said they are planning a road trip from Washington to Vernon, B.C., at the end of November, so wanted to prepare for the wintery weather in the mountains.

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A TikToker just showed off some handy features in a Korean subway station that you won't see in Canada, but honestly are so smart.

The viral TikTok video is even captioned "Vancouver pls take notes." Apparently, the SkyTrain isn't cutting it!

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For those with a Russian passport looking for some travel destinations outside of Canada when the mercury takes a plunge, there are some countries you might want to put on your bucket list.

Just like for Indian passport-holders, the bearers of Russian passports also have visa-free access to many warm and picturesque countries around the world, as per Passport Index,

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