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Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island could see some rare April snow and, no, this isn't a belated April Fools' Day joke.

Weather forecasts suggest a cold front is coming in this weekend and into next week.

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Brace yourself Vancouver, because snow is falling in the city once again. The weather in Metro Vancouver is about to get snowy, and the roads are going to be slippery because of it.

If you thought winter was over because of the sunny days we have had so far this week, think again. Unfortunately, spring is not yet here, and snow is coming throughout Wednesday.

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A massive Snow Moon will be visible in Vancouver, B.C. this month, and you can see it light up the entire sky when it's full.

It has its fun name because this moon lands in the lunar month which gets the most snow typically — February! Is this moon hinting at more snow for Vancouver this month?

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