Vancouver Got A Sprinkling Of Snow Today & Everyone Is Acting Like It's A Blizzard

Well, that's embarrassing! 😳

Western Canada Editor
Vancouver Got A Sprinkling Of Snow Today & Everyone Is Acting Like It's A Blizzard

Some parts of Vancouver experienced their first snowfall of the season on Monday — and it was clear that many people weren't used to it.

I moved to Vancouver expecting a nice mild winter, only to wake up with snow on the ground outside.

I was surprised, since I was told by multiple people that Vancouver "didn't get snow," but after many cold winters spent in New Brunswick and Ottawa, I knew how to deal with it.

I went about my normal business, only to quickly notice my street was a little quieter than usual.

Morgan Leet | Narcity

There were way fewer cars driving by, and almost no one walking around the typically busy area. I soon realized that it was because Vancouverites are so not used to snow and that they were staying inside.

So I went outside to investigate further, and by that point in the day (around noon) the sidewalks were almost totally clear of snow. It was such a small amount that I could see it melting away right in front of me.

Still, the streets were like a ghost town. I think people are actually afraid of the snow here?

Morgan Leet | Narcity

Then, when I reached Main Street, I saw what people were wearing — and I was actually embarrassed for them.

People in full parkas, heavy-duty snow boots, hats and mitts were wandering the streets, looking freezing cold.

To give some perspective, I was in a light coat.

What really got me was the footwear, made for long treks through multiple feet of snow, walking along a clear sidewalk.

When I was grabbing coffee, the lady in front of me had on a full-length parka, protecting her from the barley-existent snow on the ground.

Morgan Leet | Narcity

On the walk home I heard multiple horns going, which I can only assume is because people here also don't know how to drive in the snow.

This was just the beginning, too, because B.C. is set to have a snowy season.

My question now is, what happens when we get a whole inch of snow?!

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Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.