There's So Much Snow On Vancouver Island That Most Buses Had To Stop & The Roads Look Wild

People aren't used to it!

Western Canada Editor
There's So Much Snow On Vancouver Island That Most Buses Had To Stop & The Roads Look Wild

The amount of snow Vancouver Island is getting right now is wild, and they even had to shut down most of the transit routes because the roads are so bad.

As of Thursday morning, the snow was so heavy that all of the bus routes in the Cowichan Valley area are suspended. Lots of other routes in the Greater Victoria area were also shut down due to the weather.

According to the BC Transit website, as of 5:45 a.m. on January 6, only 12 routes are actually operating, and the rest are suspended. Many of the routes that are operating are having to do detours and are facing delays.

The roads are so bad that police in some areas are asking people to not drive unless they have to.

Looking at photos, you can see a ton of snow covering the roads.

The massive amount of snow took a few people by surprise!

Some cars are even piled high with an unbelievable amount of heavy snow.

Metro Vancouver was also hit by the storm, and some people aren't used to that kind of weather there. As on Thursday morning, Environment Canada had multiple weather warnings for Metro Vancouver.

The alert said that "hazardous winter conditions are expected," in some areas.

The fair-weather cars are not doing so well in the conditions, to say the least.

It's not just the roads either, BC Ferries also cancelled multiple sailings today because of the storm.

It seems like everyone is staying home on this very snowy day.

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Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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