Police In Metro Vancouver Pulled 150 Drivers With Snow-Covered Cars Off The Road In 3 Hours

This week's snowstorm was a mess.

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Police In Metro Vancouver Pulled 150 Drivers With Snow-Covered Cars Off The Road In 3 Hours

The police in Burnaby, B.C. had to pull over 150 drivers in the span of three hours because their cars were covered in snow after the area had been hit by wintry weather.

The Burnaby RCMP said in a press release that all of these people were pulled over on January 6 in a three-hour road safety check, for having their cars covered in snow. The photos they shared in the release show cars piled with snow, creating poor visibility for the driver.

"Unfortunately, during Metro Vancouver’s most recent snowfall, it appears many drivers have not been taking the time to ensure their vehicles are clear of snow," the press release said.

On the very snowy day, roads all around southern B.C. were already dangerous, so much so that most of the buses on Vancouver Island had to stop running. Having your car windows covered in snow just adds to the hazardous conditions even more.

The release added that some of the cars had small bits of the windows cleared, but the whole car had not been cleaned off properly.

Other cars though "had several inches of snow on top that had not been cleared, creating a moving hazard on the road," the release said.

Burnaby RCMP

Apparently, many of the drivers didn't even have snow brushes to clean off their cars, so the Burnaby RCMP officers actually gave them their own to use.

Some drivers told the officers that they knew it was dangerous to leave snow on the car, but that they didn't want to be late to where they were headed.

One of the drivers was pulled over for going 101 km/h in a 50 km/h zone, on the snowy roads.

Burnaby RCMP

Corporal Mike Kalanj's response to this was that being "in a rush is not an excuse to drive an unsafe vehicle."

"With more snow in the forecast for the Lower Mainland, Burnaby RCMP is urging all drivers to plan accordingly and ensure their vehicle is clear from snow before they drive," the release added.

125 of the drivers got off with a verbal warning, while written warnings were given to 16 of them.

There were also six tickets given for driving with an obstructed view, three for an "illegible licence plate due to excessive snow covering," one for "excessive speeding," and one for not having a driver's license.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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