BC Weather Forecast Calls For 72 Hours Of Rain & 'Other Factors At Play Will Cause Havoc'

There is a "dangerous flood threat."

Western Canada Editor
BC Weather Forecast Calls For 72 Hours Of Rain & 'Other Factors At Play Will Cause Havoc'

Parts of B.C. are expected to get 72 hours of non-stop rain, and there is a risk of flooding.

Around 100 mm of rainfall is expected in the Vancouver area this week, which is used to some soggy weather. This time though there are some other factors at play that could cause havoc, according to The Weather Network.

Tyler Hamilton, a meteorologist for The Weather Network, said in a tweet that some areas could come close to reaching their average monthly rainfall total.

Given that we aren't even halfway through the month, that's a whole lot of rain.

Vancouver gets an average rainfall of 160 mm in January, so getting 100 mm of rain in just a week is shocking.

This rainfall paired with the wild amount of snow that parts of B.C. have faced recently — which is now melting — "will stress watersheds and tributaries across Vancouver Island & the Lower Mainland, pushing some to flood stage," said Hamilton.

The Weather Network said that flooding is a "major concern," and although the rain is starting out pretty light on Monday, it will get stronger later in the evening.

On Tuesday night an atmospheric river is expected to come to the Lower Mainland area, and bring "the heaviest amount of rain to the region," said the Weather Network.

This amount of rainfall along with the snowmelt poses the risk of flooding.

The Weather Network added that people should "make sure appropriate emergency supplies are on hand."

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Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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