A Couple In BC Returned To Their Home After The Floods & It's Heartbreaking To Watch (VIDEO)

They only had 15 minutes to grab what they could and evacuate.

Western Canada Editor
A Couple In BC Returned To Their Home After The Floods & It's Heartbreaking To Watch (VIDEO)

A couple in B.C. were forced to evacuate their home after extreme weather and flooding, and they returned to find a huge mess.

Dylan Bullock and his girlfriend Maria Cihlar live in Merritt and were finally able to return last week after being gone for eight days, but it was a heartbreaking look at their home.

Bullock posted on Instagram a video of the house, in complete disarray from the flooding.

You can see a layer of mud on the floor throughout, a water line on the walls showing just how high the flooding went, and extensive damage.

In the caption, Bullock said: "Looked to be about 12 inches of water throughout the house. About 2 inches of muck left over. Not sure when we'll be able to be there for an extended period and start the clean up but at least we know what we're dealing with now."

Bullock said they were only given 15 minutes to grab everything they could with them, leaving the rest behind.

"Managed to rescue some clothes, both computers, the tv, and some shoes," the post said.

It added that they did lose a "new Xbox, 2 Nintendo switches, the bed likely, the flooring obviously, and probably a decent amount of clothing."

After being gone for over a week, completely unaware of the state of their home, Bullock still managed to end the post positively, saying there was nothing lost that "that can't be replaced in time."

Due to the extreme conditions the province faced two weeks ago, as well as the ongoing weather, B.C. is still in a state of emergency and there are multiple flood warnings and evacuation notices issued.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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