Terrifying Dash-Cam Footage Shows A Drunk Driver In BC Hitting Cars & A Fire Hydrant (VIDEO)

The video is wild!

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Terrifying Dash-Cam Footage Shows A Drunk Driver In BC Hitting Cars & A Fire Hydrant (VIDEO)

Dash-cam video footage from the car of a drunk driver has been released by RCMP in B.C.

Burnaby RCMP posted the video to YouTube along with a statement. The purpose was to show people the dangers of drunk driving, especially during the holiday season.

The video, which was taken in January 2021, shows the driver travelling from Richmond through Vancouver and into Burnaby.

It shows the driver crossing into the wrong lane multiple times, veering toward oncoming cars.

BurnabyRCMP | YouTube

In the video, the driver also runs past a stop sign without stopping, as well as through a red light.

The release said that the police "were first alerted to the situation around 11:57 p.m. when several callers reported that a Cadillac Escalade had struck parked vehicles and a fire hydrant near Royal Oak Avenue and Marine Drive, sending water onto the street and into nearby homes."

The driver crashes into multiple parked cars and a fire hydrant, but keeps on driving. Then he crashes again, into a stop sign.

The driver eventually stopped as Burnaby RCMP arrived to find that "the SUV was badly damaged and was missing a tire," said the release.

The release added that the driver did not cooperate with police, and then in August 2021, a 62-year-old Burnaby man was convicted of impaired driving, receiving a one-year driving ban and a $1,000 fine.

Thankfully, the drunk driver did not injure anybody, but he did cause approximately $28,000 in flooding damage to homes near the fire hydrant he hit, as well as over $6,600 to City of Burnaby property.

"We urge everyone to watch this video. This is what impaired driving looks like," said Cpl. Mike Kalanj.

"There is no excuse for being impaired behind the wheel," he added.

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Western Canada Editor
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