Trucker's 'Reckless Driving' On A Major BC Highway Left Police Officer 'Speechless' (VIDEO)

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Trucker's 'Reckless Driving' On A Major BC Highway Left Police Officer 'Speechless' (VIDEO)

A trucker was spotted driving in a "reckless" manner on a B.C. highway in a video taken by another driver.

The video, which shows a truck driving on Highway 5A, was posted on Twitter on December 2.

In the video, the truck can be seen crossing the double yellow lines to pass other vehicles, including another truck, as the narrow stretch of road curves to the right.

The video shows the truck swerving a bit before deciding to cross the double line.

BC Transportation replied to the video, indicating that it would look into the incident.

The highway where the incident unfolded runs from Princeton to Merritt, making it the only way out of the Lower Mainland that day due to flooding.

In response to the video, Cpl. Mike Halskov, a spokesperson for the BC Highway Patrol, said: "I'm speechless," in an interview with CTV.

In a press conference on Thursday Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming addressed Highway 3, which is open for essential travel and truck traffic, and reminded drivers to be safe.

"I want to take this opportunity to remind all drivers, especially truck drivers who may be unfamiliar with this route, to please drive with caution at all times."

“We can’t control the weather, obviously, but we can control how we drive and we need to keep Highway 3 free of accidents,” he added.

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