Parts Of BC Got More Rain In November Than These Cities In Canada Have Had In 2021 So Far

Staggering rainfall totals!

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Parts Of BC Got More Rain In November Than These Cities In Canada Have Had In 2021 So Far
Rachel Modestino | The Weather Network, @ministryoftranbc | Instagram

Parts of B.C. received more rainfall in November than other major Canadian cities got in an entire year.

The province is still recovering from unprecedented levels of rainfall which caused mudslides, claimed the lives of several people and destroyed some of B.C.'s busiest highways.

New data submitted to Narcity from The Weather Network meteorologist Rachel Modestino show the amount of rainfall that fell across B.C.

The rainfall totals show what an average November would normally produce and the purple box shows the actual rainfall total for November 2021.

Rachel Modestino | The Weather Network

The graphic shows that Tofino received the most rain at 751 millimetres, but that area generally receives the most rain in B.C. during a normal November.

The areas of B.C. that noticed the most intense flooding are the ones that received more than double their average rainfall, such as Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Hope.

Victoria received more than double its expected rainfall, and precipitation levels in Vancouver were almost double what it usually experiences.

So, How Does That Compare To Other Cities?

According to, which uses historical data from Environment Canada, Toronto has received 684 millimetres in 2021 so far. That's less than parts of B.C. received in just one month.

In fact, annual rainfall totals in Toronto have only surpassed the amount of rain Tofino got in November 2021 five times between 2010-2020.

It's a similar theme around the country, too.

In 2021 so far, Montreal has had 578 millimetres of rain (less than parts of B.C. in November), Winnipeg has received 347 millimetres of rain and Calgary received 267 millimetres of rain.

Even some of the wettest places in Atlantic Canada are struggling to compete with those rainfall totals.

In 2021 so far, Fredericton in New Brunswick has received 496 millimetres, Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island has received 1,013 millimetres and St. John's in Newfoundland has had 1,123 millimetres of rain dumped on the city.

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