A Girl Was Stuck On A Date For 2 Days In The BC Floods & It Sounds Like A Hallmark Movie

They only met 3 weeks ago!

Western Canada Editor
A Girl Was Stuck On A Date For 2 Days In The BC Floods & It Sounds Like A Hallmark Movie

A girl in B.C. went on a spontaneous date with a guy she knew for just three weeks, and it turned into a nerve-racking 48-hour experience of being stranded due to the province's historic weather events.

It all started when Alysha Pastor hit it off with a guy named Mitch, and after a couple of dates agreed to travel to Vancouver with him for a night.

Alysha lives in Vernon and Mitch lives in Kamloops, B.C., and they decided to drive down to Vancouver on Saturday, November 13, and come back on November 14.

Their plans changed a bit though, to say the least.

The pair left Vancouver on Sunday to go home and got to Chilliwack before getting turned around due to the intense weather.

"The rain was horrendous. I have never seen that much rain at once. It was hard to even drive and hard to see. It was already dark." Alysha told Narcity in an interview.

The pair considered staying with friends close by, only to realize quickly that the major highways that they would need to access were closed. So they turned around and went to stay in Vancouver for yet another night.

Monday came, and the weather had only gotten even worse. At that point, it was pretty clear Alysha was going to have to miss her shift at work. As a nurse, she was scheduled to work the COVID-19 floor that day.

They still needed to make it home though, so filled up Mitch's truck with gas and loaded up on snacks before hitting Highway 99. They made it to Whistler before the highway closed due to flooding and mudslides.

With no routes available, they stayed in Whistler for a few hours, totally stranded. They had no idea how, or when, they were going to make it home.

Alysha Pastor

They even looked at flights, but quickly realized flying wasn't an option due to skyrocketing prices.

After speaking with locals, they discovered that there was a forest service road that they could use to get home. Because they had a truck with four-wheel drive, the locals assured them that they would be able to make it through.

Alysha Pastor

They took the chance and went for the only route available, which Alysha soon found out had no cell service. She recalls it being a nerve-racking experience, but she was grateful that the person (who was somewhat of a stranger) she was with kept his calm throughout.

The service road was facing brutal weather, which Alysha describes as "horrendous."

Alysha Pastor

"It started snowing like mad, like a blizzard, and then it was getting dark," she said.

They finally made it through the road only to get delayed again at Lillooet because of another highway closure. Luckily this delay only lasted a few hours, and they were able to make it to Kamloops around 11 p.m.

What was supposed to be a one-day trip to get to know each other better ended up being a terrifying journey of 40 hours.

"This was probably our fifth or sixth time hanging out. We didn't really ever spend the whole day together yet," Alysha explained while laughing, after telling the unbelievable story.

Alysha Pastor

She said that they are still going strong, and even hanging out this weekend.

What could have been the plot of a horror movie ended up sounding like the start of a sweet Hallmark movie instead.

If you can get through that kind of travel together, it's gotta be a good sign.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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