ontario fines

Attention all Ontario drivers! The Toronto police have issued a friendly reminder about why you should never get in your car without a driver's licence.

Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Randall Arsenault shared an Instagram clip over the weekend reminding motorists why they should avoid the "completely preventable" fines.

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Snow is on its way in Ontario, and OPP is reminding the public to wipe it off their windshield before driving.

If you're caught with snow on your windshield, you could be left with a $110 fine under the Highway Traffic Act, according to a tweet from OPP West Region.

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Your next paddleboarding adventure in Ontario could land you with some hefty fines if you don't follow these regulations.

According to Transport Canada, paddleboards are subject to the Small Vessel Regulations, and you need to bring certain safety equipment with you so you don't end up paying hundreds.

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