You Can Get Fined Over $200 If You Don't Follow These Paddleboarding Rules In Ontario

That's one expensive paddleboarding adventure!

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Paddle Board Rules In Ontario That Could End Up Costing You

Your next paddleboarding adventure in Ontario could land you with some hefty fines if you don't follow these regulations.

According to Transport Canada, paddleboards are subject to the Small Vessel Regulations, and you need to bring certain safety equipment with you so you don't end up paying hundreds.

If you're wearing a life jacket and using your paddleboard for navigational purposes, meaning you're travelling from one place to another, you'll need to bring a few pieces of safety equipment along with you.

The first is a "sound-signalling device", like a pealess whistle, and you'll also need a "watertight flashlight" if you're paddleboarding at sunset, before sunrise or with reduced visibility.

If you're not wearing a life jacket or floatation device, you must carry one on board, as well as the items mentioned above and "15 metres of buoyant heaving line."

For activities like surfing and yoga, you don't need to bring any safety equipment along.

So what are the fines if you're caught without the proper equipment? Transport Canada says that if you're operating a paddle board without a life jacket or personal floation device for each person, you could get a $200 fine plus $100 for each missing flotation device as well as provincial surcharges.

If you don't have the proper safety equipment, you could get charged $200 plus provincial surcharges for every piece of equipment that's missing.

Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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