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If you've ever wondered how much the new king and the crown cost Canada year-on-year, we've got you covered!

Back in 2021, the Monarchist League of Canada issued its triennial survey on the cost of the Canadian crown and, well, it sounds like a lot.

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Mike Myers recently opened up about Queen Elizabeth II's death and what exactly the monarch meant to him and his family.

On October 6, the Canadian actor and comedian chatted with the hosts of Good Morning America over how he's still "gutted" by her death.

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Good morning — Andrew from Narcity's Canada Morning Brief here. ☕

Off The Top: The death certificate for Queen Elizabeth II was released late last week, and — surprise! — the 96-year-old's official cause of death was that she was really, really old. Or that's what Buckingham Palace would have you believe, anyway; I smell a hit true crime podcast series.

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II has been one of the biggest global events in September, and now we're ending the month with the final details regarding her death.

The Queen's death certificate was released by the National Records of Scotland on Thursday, and according to the official document the cause of death was "old age." It offered no further details.

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Liz Truss recently became Prime Minister of the U.K., but not everyone seems to be aware of who exactly she is.

At Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Monday, September 19, a video posted by The Guardian shows two Australian news presenters stumbling over her identity.

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