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Meghan Markle is opening up in a new interview and revealing some details of her daily life, including her husband Prince Harry's fast food of choice and the TV show they love to watch together.

On Wednesday, Variety unveiled the Duchess of Sussex on the cover of its latest issue. The issue includes an interview with Markle in which she also discusses the late Queen Elizabeth II, her most challenging interview ever and her new Spotify podcast Archetypes.

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If you've been following Queen Elizabeth II's funeral procession, you've probably noticed that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew stand out from the rest of the royal family for one reason: they aren't in military uniform.

That's because neither one is currently a working member of the royal family, and while that's for entirely different reasons, it seems that Prince Andrew will be getting a pass in one case, while Harry will not.

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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William paid tribute to his "Grannie" and said she was always by his side in his "happiest moments" and his "saddest days."

The new Prince of Wales released a statement on Saturday, September 10, about his grandmother who died at the age of 96 on Thursday, ending her 70-year reign as monarch.

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Now that Queen Elizabeth II is dead and her son Charles has inherited the role of king, the line of succession is getting a bump and many royal family members will have shiny new titles going forward.

For starters, Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son Charles officially ascended the British throne and is now called King Charles III, while his wife Camilla became the Queen Consort.

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News cameras spotted Prince Harry arriving at Balmoral Castle about an hour after Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, as he appears to have missed the chance to say one last goodbye to his grandmother.

Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, happened to be in the U.K. this week when the queen's health suddenly declined. She ultimately died on Thursday afternoon at 96 years old.

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