John Cena Was Just Spotted At This Donut Shop In Vancouver & Here's What He Ordered (PHOTO)

Kate Winslet went there too! 🍩

​Shop owner and John Cena. Right: Honey Doughnuts.
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Shop owner and John Cena. Right: Honey Doughnuts.

Owners of a small Vancouver doughnut shop, Ashak and Ashifa Saferali, had an exciting celebrity surprise visit on July 13 when John Cena walked through the door.

The American actor and pro-wrestler is in town and apparently had a doughnut craving.

Cena stopped by Honey Doughnuts & Goodies in North Vancouver, one of the local shops loved by many celebrities.

The owner told Narcity that she usually doesn't even usually recognize the celebrities until some of her employees end up pointing it out.

She said that Cena ordered breakfast and assorted doughnuts from the shop that particular morning.

The small doughnut shop offers all homemade, fresh and organic, breakfast, lunch and dessert items.

Not only has Cena visited the shop, but other celebs like Kate Winslet seem to enjoy it too. Saferali told Narcity that after Winslet mentioned the doughnut shop to the media, the doughnut shop received an overwhelming amount of business.

Saferali added that she is so grateful and humbled by any customer that walks in the door. She mentioned that both of these celebrities were very kind.

The owners have had this doughnut shop for over 26 years and love to keep things simple.

They sell a delicious lineup of assorted doughnuts, so if you want to have a taste of the place that Cena and Winslet love, come here.

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies

Price: 💸💸

Address: 4373 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: This doughnut shop is loved by both locals and celebrities. It's a great small business in B.C. to support and try out some delicious homemade doughnuts.


Ashley Harris
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