In 2019 the Duke and Duchess of Sussex headed to the true north but the life of Harry & Meghan in Canada was short-lived and now the couple has revealed what pushed them away. 

In their exclusive interview with Oprah, Prince Harry said that they had to leave because they realized "it's not safe." 

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The couple had decided in 2019 that they wanted to step back as senior members of the Royal family to become part-time members instead, something they said they could do from a commonwealth country. 

They ended up in Canada, staying at a mansion in B.C., however, they said the situation quickly became unsafe. 

Prince Harry told Oprah that he received notice suddenly that due to a change in their status as royals their security, which had been provided by the U.K. was going to be taken away. 

He then explained that thanks to British media, "the world knew our exact location." 

It was then that he realized without professional protection "it's not safe, it's not secure." 

That prompted the couple to move south to L.A. in early 2020 and they stayed at Tyler Perry's house, where he provided use of his own security to keep them safe before they bought their own house.