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Ever wondered about the bank accounts of the rich and famous? The net worth of some big Canadian celebrities might actually surprise you with just how much of a nest egg they've earned over the years.

From country crooners and rappers, to movie stars, some of Canada's most notable talents are worth millions — and in some cases, hundreds of millions, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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The spooky season is just around the corner, and if you're in need of an easy Halloween costume, our Canadian celebs offer up plenty of inspiration.

From Mae Martin and Justin Trudeau, to Avril Lavigne and more, there are so many easy ways to recreate the iconic looks that these famous faces regularly wear.

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Ryan Gosling was recently presented with a variety of snacks and had to make some tough calls on which ones he preferred.

The Canadian celeb sat down with LadBible, who pitted snacks from Canada and the U.K. against each other and made Gosling pick a winner.

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Il est facile de dire que la poutine est l'un des mets les plus populaires au Québec et nombreux sont les pays qui essaient de s'approprier cette recette, mais qui souvent, échouent. Un média britannique, LADbible, s'est amusé à faire essayer à l'acteur canadien Ryan Gosling un de leurs mets traditionnels, pour ensuite le « comparer » avec un de nos mets traditionnel, la poutine.

La plupart des anglophones prononcent pou-teen, mais Ryan, qui est originaire de London en Ontario, prononce parfaitement le met constitué de frites, de fromages en grains et de sauce brune.

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Ryan Gosling recently hit the red carpet for the premiere of The Gray Man but it was Barbie that kept coming up during press interviews.

On July 13, the Canadian actor rocked a light blue suit with the top button of his shirt stylishly undone as he chatted through interviews.

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