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A man is in hospital after being shot in the chest in a crossbow attack in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside on Saturday. Vancouver police say they believe the victim was "targeted" and that the attacker fled the scene.

Sgt. Steve Addison told Global News that police officers on a "routine patrol" were flagged down by bystanders and that "someone pulled the arrow from the victim’s chest before officers arrived and applied pressure to the wound."

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Back-to-school season is quickly approaching with classes back in session just next week — and B.C. police want you to remember the rules of the road, or face the consequences.

The North Vancouver RCMP are reminding people that they will be in "full force, patrolling the school zones and crosswalks to ensure safety for all," according to a BC RCMP media release,

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The Vancouver Police Department is hiring for a ton of jobs right now and you don't need previous experience to get these gigs.

They are looking for people to join as Special Municipal Constables, who work as jail guards, community safety personnel and in traffic authority. If you're hired, you will be trained to work in all three positions, and the website says that it's all relevant experience for anyone wanting to go into a policing career.

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Four people are in the hospital with serious injuries after an alleged "machete attack" in Vancouver on Saturday night.

A suspect, who allegedly also started a fire before the attack, has been arrested and is receiving treatment for non-life-threatening injuries after shots were fired by police.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

An Indigenous teen who was reported missing in May 2021 was found dead in Vancouver, B.C.

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