'Terrifying' Video Shows Man Berating A Couple In Vancouver & Hurling Homophobic Slurs

Police are investigating the incident.

Video of man at Vancouver SkyTrain.

Video of man at Vancouver SkyTrain.

People on TikTok and Twitter are sharing their shocked reactions to a video of a man yelling homophobic slurs and berating a couple in Vancouver, and the incident is now being investigated by Vancouver police.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

Jamie Pine posted the video to his social media accounts and said that he and his boyfriend were chased off the SkyTrain by a man, who then yelled at them.

People online sent words of support to the couple. "This is terrifying, glad you're both ok," one person on Twitter said.

"I am sorry this happened to you and your partner. Sending you and your bf big hugs. Hopefully justice is served here. Thank you for sharing this to prove that homophobia is very much prevalent," another wrote.

In the video, a man is shown yelling a homophobic slur, throwing a beer can and telling the couple to leave the country. Pine claims in the video that the man followed him and his boyfriend while on the SkyTrain and then chased them up to the bus stop.

"If you're boyfriends, go get a hotel room," the man can be heard yelling in the video, while visibly angry.

"We don't need to see that f**king sh*t in public," the man continued.

The man also asks one of them if they are from Canada, and when they responded no, asked where they are from. When they said it "doesn't matter," the man said he "doesn't want this bullsh*t" in "[his] country."

"This is my boyfriend," Pine said in the video. "And we deserve to be able to act normal in public," he continued.

The man continues to aggressively yell at the couple until the video ends.

In a recent video update on TikTok, Pine said that the Vancouver Police Department reached out to him to provide a statement.

"He was all over the cameras, he tapped his card, we're gonna get him," Pine added.

He also said that others have reached out to him online, saying that they had had similar experiences with the man.

"Thank you so much for the support, it means the world. Everyone has been so welcoming. The community here in Vancouver, it's beautiful. It really just goes to show that this guy is the one that's out of place and what we have here is just love," he added.


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Vancouver police confirmed to Narcity that they are conducting an investigation into the incident.

If you or someone you know is struggling with harassment or discrimination related to gender identity or sexual orientation, please reach out to a trusted peer, parent or health care professional or refer to these resources available across Canada. If you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. Support is available.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.