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yoho national park

Three people have died in B.C. after two semi-trucks were involved in a "head-on collision" at the west gate of Yoho National Park early Sunday morning.

In a statement, Golden-Field RCMP said that one of the trucks "drove into oncoming traffic" on the TransCanada Highway – around 35 kilometres east of the town of Golden – causing the collision at around 6:50 a.m. on August 28.

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Attention adventure seekers! Parks Canada is offering free admission to all of the national parks in Canada but it's for one day only.

The federal government has announced that it is inviting all Canadians and international visitors to connect with nature and history at the country's "most iconic destinations" by taking advantage of free admission to celebrate Canada Day.

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Alberta is known for having some incredible lakes with stunning blue waters, like Lake Louise. Although it is beautiful, it can also get super busy and jam-packed with tourists.

Luckily, B.C. has an awesome lake that looks just like the famous Lake Louise but without the crowds.

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An Alberta photographer was treated to a rare sight when he spotted a famous and very rare white grizzly bear when visiting a Yoho National Park in B.C. and he managed to get some incredible footage.

Noel Rogers spotted the bear – whose name is Nakoda – on a trip to Lake O'Hara and managed to get some stunning video of the bear who was taking a leisurely stroll through the area.

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B.C. is known for having some seriously beautiful hikes and this one will lead you straight to an amazing waterfall.

The Wapta Falls hike in Yoho National Park will take you to a waterfall that actually looks like a mini version of Niagra Falls. Although it's not nearly as big as the real Niagra Falls, it's still surreal-looking.

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