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TD Rewarded Customers Who Are Spreading Positivity & Here Are 4 Of The Sweetest Stories

Proof that Canadians set the standard for being kind.

TD Rewarded Customers Who Are Spreading Positivity & Here Are 4 Of The Sweetest Stories

Though it's been stressful at times, the past year has taught a valuable lesson in the importance of spreading positivity. TD, through their #TDThanksYou campaign, rewarded some local heroes who did just that.

An annual North American program, TD Thanks You was designed to personally recognize and reward TD customers who have enriched their communities. This year, the program surprised 15 customers — nominated by TD colleagues — who spread positivity in their neighbourhoods and communities.

Each person was awarded personalized thank-you gifts to help continue their charitable efforts. Here are some of their stories.

George Sully, Who Created Black Designers Of Canada

Courtesy of TD

George Sully is a fashion designer and philanthropist from Toronto, Ontario.

In June 2020, he launched Black Designers of Canada, a platform to showcase Black excellence in design. The site now features fashion, accessories, furniture and more, created by over 200 Black artists and designers.

George was awarded $10,000 from TD Thanks You to support his work in amplifying Black Designers of Canada. He was also surprised with a 14-foot mural in Toronto's fashion district, depicting him alongside the Black designers he works with.

LaMeia Reddick, Who Helped Launch The North Preston Surf Program

Courtesy of TD

LaMeia Reddick is from North Preston, Nova Scotia, Canada's largest and oldest Indigenous Black community.

LaMeia runs a youth drop-in centre out of her home and recently launched a surfing program, the North Preston Surf Program, to boost inclusion within the sport.

She was awarded over 50 surfboards and surf leashes to help expand her program, as well as a trailer for storage.

Nicki Monilaws, Who Provided Care Packages To People Experiencing Homelessness In Alberta

Courtesy of TD

Nicki Monilaws is a businesswoman and hairstylist from Red Deer, Alberta.

With the help of her daughter, Jayda, she created care packages for people experiencing homelessness in her local community. Nicki and Jayda also surprised teachers and frontline workers in their community with goodie bags.

The mother-daughter duo was awarded care packages, including 100 gift cards from local grocery stores and food chains to support their mission.

Lisa Martella, Who Provided Meals To People In Vancouver With HIV/AIDS

Courtesy of TD

Lisa Martella is the Executive Director of A Loving Spoonful, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that safely and discreetly provides nutritious meals to those living with HIV/AIDS.

Despite setbacks over last year, Lisa assisted hospitals, local governments and senior centres, delivering five times more meals than usual for people with HIV/AIDS.

TD awarded her with $3,000 in gift cards to put towards continuing her community work.

The 2021 TD Thanks You recipients exhibited unwavering spirit and commitment to community enrichment in the face of hardship.

By recognizing and providing support to these customers through the TD Thanks You program, TD is celebrating the power of community.

To learn more about the #TDThanksYou award recipients, visit TD Stories. You can also check out TD's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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