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These Are The Most Affordable Cities In Canada Where The Average House Costs Under $350K

Now that sounds a lot better than $1 million (we're looking at you, Vancouver).

If you've been looking to dive into the real estate market sometime soon, we've got the scoop on the most affordable housing markets in Canada.

According to a report from RE/MAX, the three most affordable places to buy homes in Canada all have an average sale price below $350,000.

The most affordable for 2021 is the St. John's metro area in Newfoundland. In that region, the average sale price is $307,619.

Next up is Regina, Saskatchewan, where the average sale price is $325,000. The third most affordable place is Winnipeg, Manitoba, where houses are selling for an average price of $335,055.

The rest of the top five most affordable places include Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary. Though, places aren't selling for under $350,000 in these cities like they are in St. Johns, Regina, and Winnipeg.

According to the report, Winnipeg and Regina have been two of the most affordable markets in Canada for years.