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This Cloud-Like Couch From Cozey Is The Ultimate Addition To Complete Your Living Space

It’s so comfy, you might love it more than your own bed.

Staff Writer, Studio
This Cloud-Like Couch From Cozey Is The Ultimate Addition To Complete Your Living Space

Whether you enjoy inviting friends over or bundling up to watch your favourite shows, a comfy couch is one of the keys to having a great time at home. Not only is it the place to unwind and relax, but it's also the core of your living space — so it should fit your style too.

Even interior designer Lisa Canning says, "The sofa is the place we [all] gather at. It is where so many memories and connection points are made."

With Canadian company Cozey's newly launched Ciello modular sofa, you can have the best of both worlds. The dreamy sofa is ultra plush and simply stunning.

Courtesy of Cozey

Compared to the original Cozey, the Ciello has a lower profile and deeper seating to fit both your aesthetic and comfort goals.

You can get it as a sofa, sectional or completely customize it and buy each module individually. There's also a matching ottoman to help you bring everything together.

The best part about the modules is that you can easily reconfigure them if you ever move or want to change things around since they just snap together. And tools aren't required to put them together.

Courtesy of Cozey

Plus, the delivery is super convenient. The sofa ships for free and comes in boxes that show up right to your front step — so you don't have to worry about maneuvering the whole thing through your doorway.

Their couches are designed in Montreal and made with quality materials like solid pine and rub-resistant fabric. And the cushion covers are removable, so you can toss them right into the washer.

Courtesy of Cozey

If you're not ready to commit, Cozey offers an augmented reality filter on their website to give you an idea of how the Ciello would look in your space. You can also order free swatches to help you pick a colour and feel out the fabric first.

Since a couch is no small purchase, you can rest easy knowing there's a free 30-day return policy and a five-year warranty. A comfortable process to match a comfortable product!

To learn more about the Ciello sofa, check out Cozey's website or follow them on Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.