On the edge of an Alabama city sits a cave system that is genuinely eerie and surreal. The Three Caves in Huntsville are not really “caves” in the common term, but a former limestone mine long-ago abandoned. The system is part of the Land Trust of North Alabama’s Monte Sano Nature Preserve and is the home to a concert hall.

The system can be accessed by way of the Three Caves Loop, which forms a perimeter around the bowl of the caves. The path also acts as a starting point to the nearly 22-mile system of trails that are carved within the nature preserve. This gorgeous hike will get you an up-close-and-personal look at the sheer beauty of Northern Alabama.

You will pass sinkholes and natural springs that will offer a refreshing respite on a hot summer day. Then, on top of the trail, you’ll see three immense caves that are just ripe for exploration.

The Three Caves also doubles as a gathering space for locals in Huntsville. While you won’t be able to go into the underground caverns physically, the bowl will leave you in awe of wonderment and is the perfect setting for ghostly parties and music festivals.

Outside the large openings, events like “Moon Over Three Caves Dance” occurs for those who aren't interested in hiking. This annual event is just one of the many celebrations and concerts individuals can enjoy when they make a trip to this preserve.

These once abandoned mines also are a creepy backdrop for ghostly gals and ghouls during Halloween, where the space is used for parties like the Haunt at Three Caves.

The system was created out of a limestone quarry that ran from 1945 to 1952 until costs and Huntsville’s growth caused the mine's closure. It was later donated to the Land Trust and is currently a part of the Monte Sano Nature Preserve.

Whether you want a fascinating hike with beautiful topography or want to drink at an eerie cave, this spot in the Heart of Dixie is filled with wonderment.

Three Caves

Address: 901 Kennamer Dr. SE, Huntsville, AL

Why you should go: This extensive cave system is a hotspot for those looking for adventure and lively festivities.