7 Toronto Jobs That Will Hire You Straight Out Of University With Next To No Experience

Just because you might not have 15+ years in a field with a few PhDs for good measure doesn't mean you can't grab a salaried job.

There are plenty of Toronto jobs that pay a great salary and require almost no experience from their candidates.

Whether it's in computer science, customer service or the health care sector, you can kickstart a career in your preferred field with these jobs that are looking for workforce noobs.

So close your post-post-secondary Master's application and take a look at who's hiring right now!

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Junior Solutions Specialist

Salary: $57,000 - $69,000 a year

Company: Method Integration

Why You Should Apply: This is the perfect job for a recent tech-savvy college graduate. Method Integration is looking for someone to actively participate in designing, testing and implementing their customer relations software.

Their office is right in the heart of downtown Toronto, too, which is a plus, and the team is clearly fond of both Halloween and napping.

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Administrative Coordinator

Salary: $35,000 — $45,000 a year

Company: Peerless Logistics Inc.

Why You Should Apply: You don't need any experience in logistics or any university degree to apply to Peerless, but a strong proficiency with Excel and other databases is important.

The job comes with two vacation weeks and the occasional boozy office lunch as well, it seems!

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Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Salary: $35,000 — $40,000 a year

Company: Braund Supergraving

Why You Should Apply: This job wants a quick typer, which applies to most people who have been stuck at home on their laptops for nine months straight. Plus, there's extended medical benefits.

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Sales Representative/Recruiter (New Graduate Program)

Salary: $50,000 a year

Company: S.i. Systems

Why You Should Apply: This position has it all! Benefits (including dental), paid vacation, company events (when it's safe to do so) and you stand to make commission, too. What more could you want?

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Customer Service

Salary: $35,000 - $37,000 a year

Company: Weston Forest

Why You Should Apply: This is a salaried position that requires no experience, but considers a post-secondary degree an asset. A quick peek on their Instagram shows that they have tons of fun at the office — they even posted a photo of them having an office long-jump competition.

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Social Media Assistant

Salary: $31,828 - $66,697 a year

Company: Form Face and Body.

Why You Should Apply: The listing advertises a competitive salary, which is always great. They're hiring anyone with a marketing, social media or communications degree, and they'll even hire you if you're still working towards one.

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Marketing Coordinator

Salary: $35,000 - $42,000 a year

Company: Realosophy Realty Inc.

Why You Should Apply: Realosophy Realty says they're looking for someone with experience in marketing, but recent graduates with strong grades and no experience are also invited to apply.

You'll be posting about homes and condos all around the city, so you'll probably get first dibs on anything that has four walls and a roof and is under a million dollars.

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