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This Toronto Plant Store Helps You Turn Your Home Into A Garden Via Instagram

Cheap, easy, & delivered straight to your door!

Decorating your space with plants can turn a condo into a real home. This Toronto plant shop is making doing just that easier than ever. Urban Gardener Toronto lets its customers buy plants straight off their Instagram stories weekly and offers delivery within the GTA!

The shop specializes in unique-looking and tropical plants, ensuring your newest living decor will be the hot topic of conversation among all your friends.

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The plants range in price, but the smaller ones go for as low as $15. You can snag a bigger plant, like the trendy Monstera or a palm, for under $100 as well, so there's no breaking the bank here.

If your budget is an issue, Urban Gardener also offers pretty regular sales. Every so often, they will feature an Instagram story highlight full of discounted plants.

So kkeep an eye out for this if you’re looking to populate your home with plant babies on a budget!

Not only does the store sell the most unique plants you’ve seen, but they also feature local design-forward pots, from brands such as Hook and Stem and Commonhouse Studio.

Fertilizer, soil, and gardening tools can also be purchased —everything you can possibly need to start an apartment garden.

Did you think plants were just green? Think again.

Urban Gardener often has plants up for sale that boast purple and pink leaves. Perfect for the more-feminine gardenista!

The store's not just about profit either. They’re here to provide you with all the plant education you need.

They will have workshops upcoming on urban gardening, and their website provides a whole host of information on gardening: which plants are best for low light, which plants are harmful for pets — all the tips that will lead you to home-growing success.

Urban Gardener Toronto is open seven days a week and responds most quickly to Instagram DMs!

If you’re looking to amp up your home gardening skills, you coudl do a lot worse than looking here.

In no time, you’ll be potting, re-potting, and admiring your leafy green companions. The only issue: how will you choose which Instagram-worthy plant you’ll come home with?

Urban Gardener Toronto

Address: 1640 Dupont St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can order unique and tropical plants straight from Instagram and have them delivered to your door!