You Can Send Hilarious Custom Cookie Grams To Your Friends In Toronto

Inside jokes you can eat!
Custom Cookies In Toronto Are The Sweetest Way To Send Good Vibes This Summer

These sweet treats will make your heart crumble. You can order the cutest custom cookies in Toronto for your BFF and they’re total friend-chip goals. So let’s bake it happen!

Emboss Babes is a Toronto-based cookie company run by sister-in-law power duo and cookie aficionados, Nathalie and Karen. 

Currently, you can choose from vanilla, chocolate, or funfetti sugar cookies.

Each treat is then covered with beautiful fondant and embossed with a message or design of your choosing. 

All of them are homemade and it’s up to you to decide how they look.

And if you take a peek at their Instagram account, you’ll see everything from Harry Potter-themed messages to the cutest llama cookies we’ve ever seen.

The possibilities are basically endless.

Nathalie and Karen started their cookie journey just seven months ago but have already received an abundance of custom orders.

“We did stop for a while once the pandemic started since all events were cancelled! We eventually started designing smaller sets that people could send to one another during these times of separation as a small gift that showed people they were being thought of,” they told Narcity.

Sounds perfect for your favourite weir-dough.

All orders are currently being placed through DMs on the Emboss Babes Instagram, so you can send your ideas and requests there. 

And, as the baking duo tells Narcity, they love making people’s ideas come to life. 

“In February, we had an order request to make baby shower cookies for a surprise shower! It was our largest order at the time and involved a mixture of embossed cookies & intricate decoration," they added.

“It was more amazing due to the thank you we received from the expecting mother who was blown away with our designs!”

Is your mouth watering yet?

Well, these ladies are just getting started. You can expect to see expanded cookie flavour options as well as a few decadent cookies added to the menu soon.

So if there’s someone in your life who needs a sweet pick-me-up (even if that someone is yourself) then these cookies might be just what you need.

Emboss Babes

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Custom cookies

Address: Online orders

Why You Need To Go: You can surprise your favourite person with a special cookie made just for them. 

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