Another Guy Is Hiding Tons Of Money Around Toronto For You To Find (VIDEO)

He posts clues to his real-life treasure hunt on TikTok! 💸
Toronto TikTok-er Hiding Money Around The City Wants You To Come Find It (VIDEO)

Money may not grow on trees, but it could be hidden around your neighbourhood thanks to a certain Toronto TikToker.

Juwon Thomas has been leaving hidden money around Toronto since July of 2020, he tells Narcity.

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Thomas says he was originally inspired by similar videos of TikTok users hiding surprises for others to find.

"I wanted to do something different [...] something that would inspire people and leave a smile on their face," says Thomas.

Since then, he's been hiding $100 and $50 bills in creative spots around Toronto, Etobicoke, Oakville and Mississauga, like trees and mailboxes.

He posts videos containing clues on his TikTok, some of which have thousands of views.

However, sometimes he doesn't post a video of where he's stashed the hidden treasures, "just to make it a little bit more fun." 

When asked how he affords such generous giveaways, Thomas answered that he "works enough to be able to hide the money." 

If you know the GTA like the back of your hand, this could be your chance to make some quick cash.