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This Massive Century Home For Sale Is Under $700K & Just Over 2 Hours From Toronto

The spot even comes with it's own fruit garden.
Ontario House For Sale  Is Under $700K & Just Over 2 Hours From Toronto

You don't need to spend one million dollars to live in a massive home. 

This Ontario house for sale is still as bright and spacious as the day that it was built. 

Selling for just under $700K, it's located less than hour outside of London and just over two hours from Toronto.

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The four-bedroom home is situated on a two-acre property right near a cozy country town.

Ontario House For Sale  Is Under $700K & Just Over 2 Hours From Toronto

The property is surrounded by cedar, apple, cherry, and mulberry trees, so you'll never go hungry. 

Located in a quiet neighbourhood, the property is described as "a relaxed environment."

The kitchen is modern for such an old home and is the perfect place to become the next best chef. 

The dining area is small, but cozy looking. There is also a beautiful study where you can embrace work-from-home culture. 

The gorgeous backyard is also the perfect spot to have some awesome summer nights. 

Century Home

Price: $649,000

Address: 21414 Taits Rd., Southwest Middlesex, ON

Description: A beautiful home peacefully located away from the buzz of the city.

View Here

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