This Unexpected City Is Putting Toronto To Shame With Its Exploding Condo Market

Condo sales have gone up nearly 50% in just the past year! 🚀
Oshawa's Condo Market Is Exploding & Putting Toronto To Shame
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Ontario is home to some of Canada's most affordable neighbourhoods, but that's beginning to change for one city in particular.

According to a new report from, Oshawa's condo market is blowing up more than anywhere else in the GTA — even more than Toronto!

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The report says that Oshawa's condo sales went up by nearly 50% since last February, miles above the average property value growth in Mississauga (6%), Brampton (11%), Vaughan (5%), and Toronto (3%) combined.

The average condo in Oshawa costs $483,000 according to the report — which, compared to Toronto's average of $722,00, is a great deal.

"Oshawa is no longer that sleepy bedroom community you once knew," said Strata's Broker of Record Robert Van Rhijn.

"I used to hear a lot of Toronto homebuyers swear they’d never go past Pickering. But with today’s remote working options, I’m seeing more clients push their geographic boundaries and wonder what’s further east."

Cormac O'Brien
Staff Writer