The People's Champs. The Raptors' Black Live Matters jerseys have earned them a major shoutout from Jagmeet Singh. It looks like the Canadian politician is a big fan of the team. 

In a tweet on Saturday, Singh shared an article about some of the Raptors, including Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet wearing the phrase "Black Lives Matter" instead of their names when real games start. 

Other phrases like Speak Up, Say Their Names, Justice, Equality, Education Reform, See Us, and Respect Us will be featured on some of the players' backs too. 

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The NDP leader was clearly a fan of the move and the team for doing this. 

"Two facts about the @Raptors players and organization: 1) World Champs & 2) The People's Champs," Singh tweeted along with a Black Lives Matter hashtag. 

In typical Canadian politician style, he also shared his shoutout in French, which Serge Ibaka would probably appreciate since he's opted for a french dialect on his jersey, which says Respectez Biso, meaning "respect us." 

The uniforms aren't the only way the team has been getting involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. 

They've also been rolling through Florida in a big black bus with the phrase painted across the side. 

The president of the organization, Masai Ujiri, said they chose to do this because they wanted to use the NBA bubble to make a statement. 

"We thought what greater way than to ride through Florida for three hours and show people, you know we know what's going on in the country," he revealed in an interview on TNT.

He said it's on the minds of all the players and all the teams. 

However, in that same conversation, NBA star Draymond Green said that as a Canadian team, Black Lives Matter doesn't impact the Raptors since its a whole different country. 

Many fans called the comment ignorant, while Raptor Chris Boucher, who is Canadian, said on Twitter, "Hold on man So for all Black Canadian Mans it doesn’t directly affect Us ?? Aren’t we all fighting for the same thing... Rascism is everywhere."

This isn't the first time Jagmeet Singh has shown love for a Toronto sports team. 

Despite being a British Columbia MP, the politician recently posted a pic wearing a special Conquer COVID-19 shirt with a Toronto Maple Leafs logo.