One of the Toronto Raptors' Canadian stars has called out Draymond Green's BLM comment that gained so much attention on July 24.

Chris Boucher responded to the video shared by the Raptors' official Twitter account with a message for the three-time NBA champion.

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Aren’t we all fighting for the same thing... Racism is everywhere.

Chris Boucher

"Hold on man So for all Black Canadian Mans it doesn’t directly affect Us ??" Boucher wrote. "@Money23Green I respect you but We Go through our battles too."

Montreal-raised Boucher, who is one of just two Canadian players on the Raptors team, added he intended the response as a "healthy conversation" and that he is hoping to educate Green about the fact that racism is prevalent in Canada too.

Green caught a lot of heat on social media for his comments, which he made in a chat with Masai Ujiri on Thursday night.