Draymond Green Says BLM Doesn't Affect The Raptors Because It's A Canadian Team (VIDEO)

This is quite the take.
Draymond Green's Raptors Bus Comment Suggests BLM Doesn't Affect Canadian Team

On July 24, NBA star Draymond Green's Raptors bus comment stirred up quite the reaction. This came after he discussed the Raptors' "Black Lives Matter" buses with the Toronto franchise's president, Masai Ujiri on Thursday night.

Beginning the chat with Ujiri, Green appeared to suggest that the Raptors aren't as affected by the BLM movement as American franchises are, due to the fact they're based north of the border.

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As a Canadian team, [BLM] doesn't directly impact your team because you're in an entirely different country.

Draymond Green 

The replies to the Raptors' tweet of the conversation suggested the three-time champ's statement showed ignorance.

The majority of the Toronto roster is made up of Black players like most NBA teams. BLM is a global movement, with a significant base in Toronto.

Ujiri responded by saying that his franchise has always intended to use the NBA bubble in Florida "as a statement" to create awareness and help further the advocacy of Black and minority issues.

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