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Toronto Raptors Flooded Social Media To Try & Get Americans To Vote

Nick Nurse says it's the election of his lifetime.

During political moments, the Toronto Raptors have been known to make their voice heard. So, it's no surprise that they called out on social media, urging their American fans to hit the polls.

Nick Nurse called it the "most important election of our lifetime," and said he "couldn't sit this one out."

Some of them even voted themselves! 

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Kyle Lowry showed off his 'voted' sticker.

He shared the picture of his voting sticker on his Instagram story today.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson also took to social media to prove he cast his ballot.

He posted not once, but twice, about making sure to get your vote in.

Matt Thomas urged his followers to do their civic duty.

"Obviously, right now with everything going on in our country I think it’s very important that everyone’s voice is heard and that’s just one way for us Americans living outside of the States to vote and make our voice heard,” Thomas told the Guardian.

Nick Nurse has been telling Americans (including those in Canada) to vote for weeks.

Nurse has been targetting American voters in Canada. Nurse told CTV News that it is "unbelievable" that only 5% of Americans in Canada voted in 2016's election and he is aiming to increase that number this year.

Even the team's official Twitter also called on its American followers to cast their ballot.

They've also been sharing the players' posts.