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Toronto Raptors Are Being Hit Up By Kanas City's Mayor & His Tweets Are Thirsty AF

Watching the Toronto Raptors lose in Flordia this year was hard enough, but forcing them to play an entire season in Kanas City might be worse. 

Quinton Lucas, the mayor of Kanas City, has been pulling out all the stops to steal Canada's only NBA team.

Seriously, he must be parched because his tweets about the team are getting real thirsty. 

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We heard you might need a temporary home for the upcoming @NBA season, @Raptors. We'd love to have you in Kansas City. Quinton Lucas

Lucas has already resorted to everything from flattery to bribery to pique the team's interest.

In a press release, the mayor stated that the Raptors players would be able to experience good food, entertainment and basketball fans if they made the move to the city. 

To top it all off, he has even started using "We The North" hashtag to show his support.

However, he has also suggested that "We The Midwest" would sound better.

At the moment, it remains unclear if the Raptors will be able to use Toronto as a home base during the 2021-2022 season due to ongoing border restrictions.

Louisville, Kentucky, has also been floated as a possible new destination for the team.

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