It might be time to say goodbye to your friends. Dr. Eileen de Villa said that Toronto social bubbles should now be restricted to just your household. 

The announcement comes after Ontario reported 700 cases of COVID-19 on Monday, which was the highest single-day jump ever.

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The concept of the bubble or the social circle no longer reflects the circumstances in which we live.

Dr. Eileen de Villa

Toronto accounted for 381 of the new cases, de Villa revealed in a Monday press conference.

Now, she says residents need to take extra precautions.

After imposing stricter regulations for bars and restaurants, Toronto Public Health is also calling on residents to be more vigilant about where they go.

"The most important thing to know is that you get COVID-19 from people, not from places," de Villa confirmed. 

It's been confirmed that Ontario is now in the second wave, and we should now be limiting the contact with people we don't live with.

Eileen de Villa stressed the "immediate, rising risk" in Toronto, and that everyday people need to do their part by staying at home, and following proper distancing guidelines when out.