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One Of Ontario's Top Docs Says The Province Is In Another COVID-19 Wave

Is this the big one we were expecting?
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Ontario's Second Wave Is Here One Of The Province's Top Doc Says But Is It The Big One

Case counts are going up. Ontario's second wave is here but officials aren't sure if it's the big one we were expecting or just a small one.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe, the Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, confirmed that the province is going through another wave of COVID-19 right now.

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We are in a wave.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe

However, there are still questions.

"Are we seeing the big second wave or are we seeing a smaller wave?" Dr. Yaffe said.

While she hopes it's not the big one that was expected in the fall, she confirmed that we are in fact in a wave.

"Our numbers are rapidly going up," she also said.

Due to that, Premier Doug Ford announced that every single part of the province will have limits on gatherings now.

"We aren't out of this," he said.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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