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A Beloved Coffee Shop Is The Latest Toronto Business To Close Its Doors Forever

“You gotta know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em."

A beloved cafe is the latest local business forced to shut their doors due to the pandemic.

Toronto's Sam James Coffee Bar announced on Saturday over Instagram that they would be closing their Queen Street West location for good.

The business didn't provide exact reasons on why the location would close but thanked its patrons and community for their support over the years.

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If you're just hearing of this now, don't worry. The location will remain open for a couple more weeks. 

You have until December 24 to swing by a pick up a coffee and a treat, after which the location will be closed indefinitely.

Sam James isn't the only local business in Toronto that had to close their doors during 2020.

Kensington Market has seen over 20 of its shops closed throughout the last 12 months, forcing the Kensington Market Business Improvement Area to call for aid from the government.

If there's a gift we can give small businesses in Toronto this holiday season, it's to shop local!