Toronto's beloved Trinity Bellwoods Park apparently needs to clean up its act. On Saturday, May 15, the Queen West park turned into a landfill after several visitors did not pick up their garbage.

In an emailed statement to Narcity, the City says that a "large anti-mask protest made its way to Trinity Bellwoods Park on Saturday afternoon and the nice weather resulted in greater numbers of visitors to the park."

With the increase in traffic, "a large amount of litter was left on the ground on Saturday night." Apparently, the garbage wasn't just left at overflowing waste bins. There was also trash left inside physical distancing circles and at picnic tables, too.

An Instagram post shows that some local residents helped clean up the litter on Sunday, May 16, which the City is aware of.

"This is very much appreciated, however visitors to the park should do their part to help keep our park spaces clean and safe by properly disposing items in available bins and not leaving items on the ground, so that this is not necessary."

There are a total of 35 garbage bins and 35 recycling bins in the park right now, and more will be added sometime this week.