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If "Riverdale" feels like somewhere you want to call home (minus the wild drama all of the time, of course), then we've got a spot that will whisk you away to your favorite teen town. Little Anthony's Diner in Arizona is the quintessential '50s diner, complete with red vinyl booths and tasty milkshakes. You might expect Archie and Betty to walk through the doors at any minute.

A visit to this uber retro and totally '50s fashioned shake shack will have you feeling all the vibes.

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Preparing for a zombie apocalypse may not be at the top of your list, but it's good to know there are fallout shelters serving tasty cocktails if we do need a hideout. The Shelter Cocktail Lounge in Arizona comes fully equipped with a bunker style building complete with a windowless interior. Perfect for avoiding those zombies, or just avoiding keeping track of how long you've been there.

If you like your bars themed and your cocktails delicious, this spot has you covered.

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If you've wanted to get crafty at home, but stick figures are your idea of artistic talent, this might be for you. Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. in Tucson has a selection of DIY kits perfect for an afternoon of crafts and cocktails. We're never too old for a good old fashioned coloring book.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. has changed its menu to include boozy treats to go, as well as DIY arts and crafts to keep you entertained while you sip.

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If you need booze, but don't want to get out of your car to get it, the Dillinger Brewery in Tucson has a beer drive-thru, so that you can get your boozy drinks on the fly. Who knew four-packs could be delivered right to your car? So does this mean we fly and you buy?

Dillinger Brewing is making your favorite brews easy to buy. You can drive up to the beer stand outside the building and grab your purchases from your car.

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